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Feeling stressed out? So, Let’s Relax!

One of the many enticing aspects of Thailand is most certainly its spa culture.

Attractive in terms of quality, service and affordability, the Kingdom of Thailand is second to none in all of these traits, in addition to its long historical importance, placed on wellness and traditional healing methods. What is considered a rare or occasional treat in many countries is encouraged as an integral part of life and wellbeing, in Thailand.

The latter has never been more rightly so, in my humble opinion. Being kind to yourself and feeling good shouldn’t be an after-thought or occasional indulgence, I would argue. Treating yourself should not be a guilty pleasure. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Furthermore, how can you take care of others, if you neglect yourself? Happiness is, I believe, contagious…

So in my continual quest to discover new experiences and retain a penetrating smile on my face, I took up an invitation to visit a spa in Bangkok, which I’ve never been to before, despite the fact that Let’s Relax has been around for around 20 years. From humble beginnings, Let’s Relax has evolved from one spa in Bangkok, to 41 urban locations in Thailand, China, Cambodia and (opening July 2019) Myanmar.

Touted as ‘Thailand’s Boutique Day Spa’, some people shy away from chain spas, but Let’s Relax has indeed managed to retain its boutique quality. Every location has its own unique footprint and décor, meaning it’s not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all operation. However, each day spa launched as Let’s Relax, under Siam Wellness, abides by their five senses principle. Attention is paid to each focal point: sight, sound, scent, touch and even taste.

As well as differing in décor (sight), a cold pandan welcome drink and post-treatment sweet and hot tea (taste) are served to all guests. Every branch is aromatized with their signature blend of citrus notes and Thai herbs (scent), and a melodic original soundtrack is piped throughout the spa (sound), all day while treatments are performed by the expertly trained hands of Let’s Relax therapists (touch).

Training is paramount for Let’s Relax, as they have their own training school. Each therapist, regardless of experience, undergoes 150 hours of intense instruction, before being allowed to interact with clients. Regular top-up training sessions occur 2-4 times a year, especially when new products or treatments are introduced.

With all manner of body and facial treatments or packages, my top tips for Let’s Relax Spa include both the Four Hands Thai Massage with Herbal Compress, and the 10-Step Facial Soothing Massage (THB 1,500/60mins), using German branded Dr. Spiller beauty care products. While the latter deeply cleanses and soothes even sensitive skin types, the former is an immersion in Thai cultural wellbeing.

The four-hands massage (THB 1,100/60mins or THB 1,800/120mins) is like a traditional Thai massage on steroids. More intense and deeply indulgent, two therapists work simultaneously on teasing out strain, releasing stress and stretching muscles. Unlike regular synchronized four-hands massage, one therapist works on the upper body, while the other focuses on the feet and legs. For those unfamiliar with Thai massage, you’re wearing Thai pyjamas – at Let’s Relax, these are made of Thai silk – and this is a massage without the use of oils.

The four hands massage with herbal compress (THB 2,000/120mins) is concluded with a hot steamed and wrapped ball of fresh Thai herbs, such as turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime and camphor, pressed against the meridians of the body. This is believed to increase circulation, soothe muscles and tone the skin. After a few minutes of stretching, the spa’s signature citrus cooling oil is applied to the back of the neck, which has a tingling and reviving sensation.

Often with any Thai massage, you’ll feel like your muscles have been pummeled into submission, and it may take a day for you to feel the full benefits of the treatment, beyond the immediate sense of relaxation. The massage, needless to say, should not actually hurt, and if you feel the therapist is a little heavy handed for your threshold, then do not hesitate to speak up. A trained therapist will quickly adjust.

Let’s Relax has many branches, so just visit their website to find locations, as well as detailed info and prices on all of their treatments and pampering packages. I visited one of their newer locations, at The Allez (3rd floor), adjoined to the BTS Skytrain station Nana, via skybridge, and was not disappointed.

Conveniently located, this Let’s Relax was a treat for the senses, with reasonable prices and discreet, polite service. Plus the mango sticky rice dessert (pictured left), served after treatments over THB 850, is not to be missed!

Reservations can be made either through their website (letsrelaxspa.com), via email (sparsvn@letsrelaxspa.com) or by phone (location-specific numbers can be found here: letsrelaxspa.com/locations.

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