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Freelance journalist, writer, poet, translator, copywriter and editor, Nikki is a communications specialist, trilingual modern languages, literature and linguistics graduate, with a Master's in international business, but literature and languages have always remained closest to her heart. She has worked with technical, trade and leisure publications, as well as daily newspapers, in Australia, Europe and Asia (including the Bangkok Post). She has also aided corporations, particularly in the travel, lifestyle and design industries, with their marketing communications and PR, as both a director of communications and as a freelance consultant.


Dedicated and enthusiastic, Nikki is a rock climber, an urban cyclist, an extreme sports fan, a martial artist, a distance runner, a wake- and snowboarder, an avid advanced open-water diver, and has even worked in the entertainment industry, as a stunt double. She continually seeks ways through her writing to combine all of her many passions.​

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