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Reaching Out for Renewal & Recovery

To combat the year-end slump and effect of the weather changes on the skin, I went in search of quick, yet luxurious, fix…

Bangkok life is hectic and while the weather is less than idyllic, since rainy season is dragging, we went to a known spot, to regain a sense of calm and peace, at the Okura Prestige Hotel ( To beat the year-end slump in energy levels, a visit to The Okura Spa tends to be very therapeutic.

Advance booking is recommended, as this popular spa only has five treatment rooms, including a couple’s suite with Jacuzzi tub. One of the perks of this spa, if you allow yourself plenty of time before treatment, is being able to take advantage of their infinity pool and sauna facilities, next to the spa.

When it’s time to head to your appointment, calculate about 15minutes, for the consultation, especially if it’s your first time. You can chill in the spa lounge, with a chilled butterfly pea infusion, nourishing for skin and hair. You’re also offered a cold towel, some cozy slippers and a treatment menu.

There’s already an extensive offering, but the spa receptionist advises you of the special packages of the season. At present, The Okura Spa has their ‘Time to Renew & Recover’ package, at 5,500 Baht++ (add on 10% service charge and 7% government tax).

Two hours long and available from now until 31st December 2016, this package incorporates the Tropical Wood Collection spa products from Harnn ( Enriched with essential oils, the Sugar & Coffee Refiner Body Scrub and the Neroli & Sandalwood Bath & Massage Oil from this range, have been chosen for this treatment, for a 30-minute body scrub and a 90-minute body massage respectively. Apparently, sandalwood was used in ancient Egypt to help embalm mummies. “We hope this treatment will help preserve the moisture in our guests’ skin,” comments the Spa Operations Manager, Ms Duangkamol.

Guided to your room and politely briefed on the spa protocol, you change into a robe, spa underwear and very unsexy shower cap. Then, you’re invited to take a seat for the lavender salt foot scrub - a pre-amble to every treatment. The spa therapist also reconfirms your treatment preferences and level of satisfaction with the room temperature, music level and lighting.

Finally, face down on the massage bed, the scrub is applied, with a touch of water to help smooth on the certified organic olive oil, shea butter, sandalwood, essential oils and antioxidants. Perhaps not the most ideal for overly delicate skin, the scrub does ensure that all dead skin cells are removed and the blood circulation is stimulated, prepping the skin for the ensuing massage. A thorough shower is necessary to wash away the scrub and excess oils.

Glowing from the scrub, it’s time to get back on the bed, as the therapist works out knots and muscular aches intuitively. Your skin soaks up the oil, and relishes the pampering for the next hour and a half. You’re advised to leave the oils on your skin, at least for a few hours, to obtain the maximum benefit out of the treatment. A new set of scrub and massage oil is opened for each treatment, and as a take-home gift, you get to take the remaining half home with you.

Open from 10am to 10pm daily, reach The Okura Spa easily from the BTS Skytrain station Ploenchit through the sky-bridge into the Park Ventures Ecoplex building, where the hotel is located. Hotel parking and valet services are accessed on Wireless Road. Reservations can be made on +66-(0)2-687-9000 or at

*Photos courtesy of Okura Prestige Bangkok

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