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Cascading from Dubai to Vancouver: J By Jordy 'White Falls' Collection

Following the talented and prolific Jordy Fu's trajectory through design, late last year, I commented on her solo debut in luxury fashion with my piece 'White Nebula storms the runway...', as well as publishing a full feature in Thailand's national broadsheet daily, The Bangkok Post, entitled 'Prolific Design Ingénue'.

Jordy Fu is an acclaimed designer, architect and artist, excelling in far too many genres of design for one person, barely in her early thirties - impressively accomplished! So, I was delighted to learn that she was invited to the fall runways of Arab Fashion Week (AFW), where she launched her first solo fashion line last year, and Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) 2016. Both took place just days apart in mid-March 2016, but she was up for the challenge to showcase her newest creations.

The J By Jordy Fall/Winter 2016 Collection, named 'White Falls', featured her breathtaking signature white, but, this time, with some careful splashes of colour. Her ready couture flowed down the catwalks of Dubai (16th to 19th March) and Vancouver (14th-20th March) - a logistical nightmare! And yet, she still managed to pull it off!

AFW is a growing showcase and influential fashion event in The Middle East, celebrating global creativity and unique talent, while VFW is renowned for featuring the latest new rising stars from around the world and helping to catapult their careers. Both provide a stage for emerging and established designers worldwide and are some of the ideal platforms for Jordy’s new and unique style, to reach East and West.

"I was delighted to be invited back to Dubai and for my debut in Vancouver, both exciting and special places, in my heart. Reflective of the East meets West spirit of my work, I raced from the runway in the UAE to the catwalk in Canada, within the same week. It was thrilling!”, Jordy enthused. (Doesn't she looks adorable in her own creations! See below and last image...)

Her latest White Falls Collection, from ‘J By Jordy’, blended white hues, luscious cream, pale blue, gentle lavender, muted grey and a one-off appearance of a bold orange. All of her pieces were clearly enriched with luxurious textures, as they cascaded down the runways, full of fluid movement.

With elegance and flirty fun, each creation was abstractly inspired by the movement of water, witnessed in fluid lines and elaborate 3D structures, layered with asymmetry, a luminescent glow and dynamic motion.

“All of the pieces in my collection are sculptural artworks in their own right," she explained. Jordy’s latest collection echoes the hallmarks of her unique architectural style and transcendental artworks. She effortlessly fuses East and West, with techniques inspired by contemporary architecture and traditional Chinese papercutting, for which she is widely known in the design world.

AFW took place at the St Regis Hotel, Dubai, from 16-19th March, with the ‘J By Jordy’ White Falls Collection shown, in conjunction with Huawei’s Swarovski Watch, from 8.00pm each evening, while VFW ran from 14th-20th March 2016, at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver. For further details, visit and respectively.

In addition, Jordy has now launched her 'J By Jordy' website, meaning her ready couture pieces can now be ordered online: To find news/images about the collection on social media, use #jbyjordy

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