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Basejumping in Railay & Tonsai

Railay (above) and Tonsai (below) in Krabi, Southern Thailand, are a rockclimber's mecca, but also hot with basejumpers, who don't mind working for their leap! Then again, why wouldn't they! Spectacular scenery, awesome sunsets, amazing Thailand!

There are varying degrees of difficulty for the climbs to get to the tops of the mountains, from solo climbs and the downright sketchy, to virtually impossible multi-pitch routes...

Check out my YouTube video (right), to see what went down on a recent climbing trip there...

On a side note, from personal experience: Don't try trekking to the lagoon from East Railay after a massive tropical rainstorm, unless you're prepared to get messy and you trust your climbing skills! It gets really spicy, incredibly quickly! Lots of sheer drop downs and upclimbing to do, and even the ropes for assistance get slippy beyond grip... :)

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